Monday, April 18, 2011

The Bible Thumpers Rally At City Hall

A group of local pastors converged upon city hall tonight to voice their opposition of the way beer is being sold at area drive-thrus.  None mentioned the suggestive dancing taking place at these establishments, but if there was a theme to their presentation, it was that children were at risk.  It was said that the girls employed at the beer runs might be vulnerable to violence, and that word on the street was that minors are being exploited to make a quick buck.

That may be the case, but the mob speakers just don't want to be put out with having to drive through an alternate route to avoid these joints; And nobody seemed to mention if they had to explain to their kids what exactly is going on and why they think it's wrong to have scantily-clad girls dancing in plain view.

One pastor offered an anecdote:
I've heard from a minister, a friend of mine, that in the church he pastors, one of the kids didn't want to go inside the church.  And his mother was calling him to come inside the church, and (he) said, 'no wait, please mom, I just want to see the girl finish dancing and then I'll go to the service.' 
So the kid likes dancing girls.  Is that so wrong?!!!

Those at the podium and all of city council were on the same page:  this stuff bad.  I'm disappointed that no supporters of beer runs made it out to the meeting.  What I found interesting is that the speakers were allowed to ramble on with no time constraints.  I thought those who spoke before the city council only had two minutes, maybe three, to make their case.

Esteban "I need this done" Rangel apologized to those in attendance for having to endure such displays on a daily basis.

The audio and video don't jive in the video, but the audio is not edited.

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