Tuesday, April 12, 2011


Included in today's LMT opinion page:

To the editor:
A marketing strategy from our local hospitals have them advertising average wait times in their emergency room; one said, "Last week the average wait in our ER was 8 minutes!"  If any readers out there are aware of a local bank or grocery store that can meet this amazing service standard, please let me know. 

Jerry W. Archer

I wouldn't call it an amazing service standard.  It's just a marketing ploy.  It's not any different from what car companies and soda makers do.  What that digital hospital clock won't tell you is that once you've been seen, it's going to take hours to wait for the results.  And if you're going to need a room upstairs, to be admitted, it's going to take several days to get one because the patient census is high.

One thing I would want from a grocery store is the kind of service I get from Pizza Hut:  I order what I want online, and in twenty minutes, I can go pick it up.  Now that would be an amazing service standard. 

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