Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Not An Adjustment Or A Raise

I officially have no idea how things work in our local county government.

At yesterday's commissioners court meeting, Tax Assessor/Collector Patricia Barrera asked the court to approve the salary of one of her employees who had been in training for months.  This person was started at $12 an hour while she learned the payroll ropes.  Now that she's able to handle the work on her own, she qualifies for $14.51 an hour.

According to Barrera, the higher pay was an original budgeted salary.  Three commissioners didn't see it that way.  To them, it was a raise, and raises have been frozen because of the economy's downturn.  I have no idea who's right, so perhaps somebody could enlighten me.

In any case, I always like seeing exchanges between Barrera and the commissioners.  It's always a lively event.  Check it out.

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