Saturday, April 23, 2011

More In Fracking: Drill Baby Drill

It's funny.  Now everywhere I turn I catch some discussion about hydraulic fracturing, the method used by energy companies to dig for natural gas.  Of course, the Rio Grande International Study Center is going to follow any developments taking place in Webb County as the drilling may have detrimental effects on the environment and on people's health.

Tom Wade has voiced his opinion.  His thoughts are that any effort to look deeper into fracking is misguided and unnecessary since this has been taking place for quite some time.  Commissioner Jaime Canales appeared on t.v. the other day saying that no proof of water or environmental contamination has occurred.  OK.  So why worry about some environmentalists poking around?  They can't possibly have any effect on what's going on already, not when going up against billionaire energy companies. 

Anyway, PBS ran a show this week called, 'Beyond The Light Switch.'  It talked about fracking, but also touched on the topic of nuclear power and its possible viability in the future.  What I've included below is a clip of the debate people are having about drilling for natural gas.  One man defends the money being made when people lease their land for drilling.
Yeah, damn right; but they're gonna die with a dollar.
Ah, the ends justify the means.  Even if you're going to end up six feet under.

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