Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Menso, Not Mensa

I'm tempted to give a certain 29-year-old the unflattering designation of 'Menso, Not Mensa' for allegedly injuring a pedestrian with his car while having a warrant out for his arrest.  The warrant was issued because he had a bunch of outstanding tickets due.  $17,000 worth!!!

However, I have to give him props for not fleeing the scene.  If he had taken off, and was later found, he probably would've faced far more serious consequences.  Luckily he stayed to face the music.

Unfortunately for him, he was taken in by the cops.  And I have 17,000 reasons to call him 'Menso, Not Mensa.'  But I won't do it.  Not now, at least.  I'll save my scorn for his next traffic infraction. 


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