Sunday, April 24, 2011

Meat Loaf on Easter

We all need a little pop culture in our lives, so I wanted to discuss one of the many reality shows out there: The Celebrity Apprentice. I know Donald Trump has been getting a lot of attention lately for his possible attempt to run for President, but I'd rather see him on this show.

The current celebrity cast members that haven't been fired yet include LaToya Jackson, Lil' Jon, Star Jones, Marlee Matlin, John Rich, Nene Leakes, Hope Dworaczyk, and Meat Loaf. You are not alone if you're asking yourselves: "Who are these people? Why are they celebrities?" Well they are all famous for something, at least that's what their bios say.

I've been watching this season since it started several weeks ago. Watching Meat Loaf in his more advanced years got me to remember that he had some very famous music videos especially in the early years of MTV.

This flashback below lasted over 8 minutes, and MTV would play it regularly! When it would come on I would roll my eyes in disgust, but still sit through it all, waiting for the different parts of the song to play themselves out. Pretty original, whether you like it or not.
Update: La Toya was fired tonight!

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