Thursday, April 14, 2011

Leopold! Leopold! Leopold!

Via the LMT (Adam Geigerman):
The Las Islitas Farm property that the Mandel family donated to the City of Laredo as the site of the Max A. Mandel Municipal Golf Course will house the 7,069-yard golf track, along with its clubhouse and a park.

The course is set for a soft opening, where a limited amount of rounds will be available, in November.
But will they have go-carts?

Photo included in LMT story.

Robert Trent Jones Jr., with microphone, is responsible for designing the new golf course.  Apparently we owe him our gratitude and loyalty for taking on this task.  His name is supposed to carry a lot of weight in the golfing world.  And city staff wants us to know that greatness has graced our sleepy little town.

Staffer:  Mayor, the golf course is going to go over budget by $2 million.  Mayor:  yeah, but did you know that Robert Trent Jones Jr. designed it???!!!!!

Staffer:  Mayor, the Rio Grande is cresting again and the whole downtown area is going to be wiped out.  Mayor:  that's OK; I've met Robert Trent Jones Jr.

I love that the picture shows us that the two gentlemen on the right know a thing or two about hat etiquette.  The mayor not so much.  He's as clueless and vain as ever.
Men, take off your hats! 

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