Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Landfill Talk

Webb eyes ranch as landfill site

By Andrew Kreighbaum
Laredo Morning Times
Published: Wednesday, April 13, 2011 3:34 AM CDT
Webb County could have a new landfill to alleviate pressure on Laredo’s municipal landfill on Highway 359.
The commissioner’s court indicated they will draft a letter of support for a new 1,000 acre landfill to be constructed at Yugo Ranch 19 miles east of Laredo.

For some time now, city leaders have been discussing the need to look for another cemetary site, more landfill space, and a secondary water source.  Fortunately county leaders and one enterprising individual are moving on this.  The landfill would be located 19 miles east of Laredo.
Located within a 12,000 acre ranch, the landfill is designed to recover gases for beneficial uses and recycle electronic waste on site.
I think the video below explains what the writer means by recovering "gases for beneficial uses."

The 12,000 acre ranch that will host the landfill belongs to one Carlos Benavides.  Where have I heard that name before?  Anyway, the project is said to provide jobs and bring in millions of dollars in revenue for the community.  I think it's been proven that Webb County is good with large amounts of money and hire only the best.  Their rap sheet track record is nothing short of impeccable.  And I'm sure this Benavides individual has the best interests of the community in mind. 

This little passage, however, made me wonder.
The primary mode of transportation for trash to the landfill would be through the Tex-Mex rail system, which runs through the ranch.
Tex-Mex is going to get in on the action?  Or will Mr. Benavides himself commandeer some rail cars to his 12,000 acre expanse?  It's visionary, but by no means impossible.  Besides, it's trash; what could go wrong?!
I think we should all support our county leaders and Mr. Carlos Benavides, for they will lead us to the promised land.

Now everybody, repeat after me:  Up with trash!....up with trash!..... 

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