Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Eggs And Bunny Rabbits

Via the City of Laredo:
A 2004 City of Laredo ordinance requires vendors to have a private premises vendor’s permit, along with other requirements, to be able to sell their wares on Laredo by-ways. The application process requires, among other things, that private vendors offer restroom facilities and adequate parking for their customers. The permit, which is issued for a specific location, does not allow for vendors to sell in the City’s right-of-way.
Somehow I feel that this isn't going to stop people from selling stuff in front of the Super S on Clark.
“We want to keep our citizens safe,” said Albert Garza, Zoning Enforcement Supervisor for the City of Laredo. “We urge all citizens who plan to sell Easter items to come by and secure a permit,” concluded Garza.

Zoning enforcement officers, as well as Laredo Police Department ordinance officers, will be out enforcing the ordinance citing offenders for not having the required proper permit. Hefty fines, starting at $500, will be assessed.
You have been warned, people.

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