Monday, April 4, 2011

Dancing Girls On The Agenda

Councilman Rangel wants an ordinance written up to do something about the bikini-clad dancing girls at beer runs.  His take:
It's being viewed as a very indecent, you know, thing for constituents and south Laredo especially.  I know Councilman Liendo already got one in her district and if we don't go ahead and stop, we need to go ahead and do, you know, it's going to get worse, and later on, all of us are going to have an establishment like that in each of our districts.
Did you hear that north Laredo?  It's only a matter of time!

Councilman Rendon tried to be a little more direct in what is wrong with beer run activity.
Rendon:  What concerns me more is what goes behind closed doors and that's something that I believe we should start looking into.
City Manager:  Or in this case, open doors, sir.
Rendon:  No,no, no, no; you know what I mean.
C.M.:  I know what you mean but I know that there's, you know, there's soliciting or everything is made out there in plain sight.
Oh my!

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