Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Bring It!

Not long ago, in a land not far away, the pillars of society found themselves in a pickle.  An investigation into the local transit provider was ongoing and our leaders were not sure whether to let some employees speak before the council.  Their concern was that the statements made by those union workers could put city government at risk of being sued.  One elder put it as such:
Mayor, the fact that there's an investigation going on, mayor, I feel that if we're going to jeopardize the investigation, or we're going to commit the city for some type of litigation, I feel we shouldn't do it.
Nobody wants to be sued.  But then again, not everybody backs away from a fight. 

Fast forward to today where the LMT (Andrew Kreighbaum) included the story of a pending ordinance that would prohibit lewd displays in plain sight.  Oh my!!!  Council wants to put a stop to scantily-clad girls dancing outside of beer runs.  Apparently they've got the support of anybody who has children, goes to church, wears mom jeans, witnessed a fender bender near a beer run, or shops at Hobby Lobby.  But(t) as council is putting its righteous foot down, those who are in the business of beer runs are not going gently into that good night.  Councilman San Miguel noted that some people have threatened to sue.  What say you, Charlie?
"My response is tell them to bring it," he said.
Whoa!  That's post-911-W. machismo right there.  I figure Charlie San Miguel thinks that this is a struggle the city can win.  Although I'm not sure about that since Councilman Johnny Rendon burst into flames right after saying that. 

Stay tuned as this saga continues.  Charlie San Miguel might not qualify for LaSanbe's Person of the Year, but we appreciate his moxy, no matter how embarrassing it may be.

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