Sunday, April 10, 2011

A Look Back

My brother had in his possession a closet classic of a clip where he and a friend are featured on a local newscast.  It takes place in 1997 and both DJs are gigging at area clubs.  Their mad skills are noticed enough to land them on daytime t.v.  Take a look.

I love the colorful table cloth.

I've never met a lot of my brother's buddies.  Who knows if their still "spinning."  My carnal, on the other hand, is still at it.  He's probably the only local DJ who's been doing it for as long as he has.

The technology and the music have changed over the years; The set up you see in the video is not used anymore.  But as my brother told me several months ago, when he played some of the old dance stuff, 'the people went nuts.'  It's good to know that some things don't go out of style.

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