Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Gimme Back My Son's SSN!!!!!

This is something:
A disk holding the Social Security numbers of thousands of current and former high school students in the Laredo Independent School District — a total of 24,903 — has gone missing, according to the Texas Education Agency.
The numbers were requested by the Education Research Center at U.T.-Dallas.  The last anyone can account for them is that they made a stop at the TEA office in Austin.  Where they went from there is anybody's guess.  Naturally this is going to upset the masses but one LISD official is not particularly moved.
Beckelhymer also added that, while he doesn't like "sharing" Social Security numbers, he doesn't think the fact that they're missing is "a big deal."
Rep. Richard Raymond displayed a little more emotion.
"Why the hell does UT-Dallas need Social Security numbers from kids in Laredo?
Good question.

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