Saturday, March 26, 2011

Family Tree

The Genealogical Society held their March meeting today at the Laredo Public Library.

This month's presentation was offered by Rick Moreno, Ph.D.  His focus was, of course, the Moreno family genealogy.  But what motivated me to attend this meeting was Dr. Moreno's relation to Tomas Sanchez, the founder of Laredo. 

While he didn't focus too much on Sanchez, his talk proved to be valuable.  His goal was "to motivate everyone to look at the past, the present, and the future."  The experiences, memories, and possessions that families live with over the years should be documented to give them meaning and pass on for future generations, he thought.

Dr. Moreno and I talked family history and even old buildings in the downtown area being razed.
"And the reason you see those homes being torn down is because they've lost the richness of what that house stood for.  Now it's just become a material house and not a home."
Check out our talk.


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