Friday, March 25, 2011

Copyright Infringement Friday

Via the Imperial Valley News:

Laredo, Texas - United States Customs and Border Protection import specialists from the Laredo port of entry discovered yet another shipment of counterfeit handbags and electronics goods that allegedly infringed on more than a dozen trademarks and copyrights recorded with CBP and carried a retail value of nearly $290,000.

CBP import specialists from the Laredo Import Specialist Enforcement Team (ISET) team recently targeted a shipment containing handbags and electronics for an enforcement examination. During the examination, conducted at the Colombia-Solidarity Bridge, CBP import specialists and officers noted that the merchandise carried various brand names that are either trademark or copyright recorded with CBP, including brands such as SD, LG, iPod, LV, Hello Kitty, Louis Vuitton, Abercrombie and Fitch, Mickey Mouse, Winnie the Pooh and the Love L ve, L ve interlocking hearts trademark.

CBP import specialists detained the shipment pending verification of the possible trademark infringement. After the importer was unable to produce a letter of authorization for the use of these trademarks and copyrights, the ISET team seized the merchandise on March 10.

The merchandise included 102 boxes containing 1,466 card players, 368 woofers and subwoofers and 3,598 handbags infringing on a variety of trademarks and copyrights recorded with CBP. The merchandise has a combined domestic value of more than $6,000 and a manufacturer’s suggested retail price of $289,710.

“This is a large shipment of electronics and handbags that our import specialists discovered had infringed on more than a dozen trademarks and copyrights,” said Joe Uribe, acting CBP port director for Laredo. “It underscores the importance of CBP enforcing intellectual property rights law to protect not only the rightful trademark holder but the consumer as well.”
I just bought a refurbished netbook.  I bought it from a reputable retailer so I don't think I purchased a knockoff.  Or did I?!  No, it can't be.  I mean, the store isn't located downtown.  (Settle down, downtown; that was a joke.)

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