Saturday, March 5, 2011

Candies And Coke

Wow.  It looks like either Richard Raymond follows deLaredo or deLaredo knew something was coming down the pike.  Pro8news reported last night that Rep. Raymond wants to introduce a bill that would deny food stamp recipients from buying chips, candies and soft drinks with their Lone Star card benefits.  Take a look.

Yes.  It's only poor people that are driving up medical costs.  And for that, they can't buy any treats.

This is politics at its most cynical.  At a time when more pressing issues are before us, Raymond decides to penalize the poor because, or course, they don't deserve any of this.  Naturally, the majority of people are going to go along with his shortsighted plan out of pure spite.  And this will do nothing to curb childhood obesity and soaring medical costs.

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