Tuesday, February 15, 2011

What Comes This Way?

In talking to the guys from B Live Promotions five months ago, I mentioned that one of the bands that I would like to see play in my hometown is Arcade Fire.  My mention of the Montreal band is responsible, I think, for them winning this year's Grammy for 'Album of the Year.'  It's just another example of my imposing abilities.  It's too early to tell, but I'm predicting that Tommy Tutone will make a comeback and win big at the ceremony next year with a calypso-inspired collection tentatively titled, "Jenny Went To Tobago."

It's unfortunate that most people are not aware of my talents and that most people don't know who Arcade Fire is.  That, however, will not stop me from trudging on with my blogging exploits and from scouring the internets for cheap inexpensive, obscure, melancholy music.  (I use the word inexpensive because, while my powers may be limitless, my intent has limits)

The Jalapeno Festival is scheduled for this weekend and I have yet to attend any of the WBCA festivities.  That's because I don't see how I would benefit by attending an event where the main feature is cow gut.  And watching adolescents pose in guady, beaded costumes would only serve to have me question my sanity.  But that's how I felt about the Grammys.  I though it would be three hours of Justin Beiber and Lady Gaga, but they both lost in the end.  Something that's become so predictable threw us a left hook at the end.  There was a reason I endured Barbara Streisand and Kris Kristofferson staggering out in front of the crowd. 

What all this means is that I will not take what should be insignificant happenings for granted.  When I least expect it, I will be surprised.  Oh sure, it might mean some guy wearing socks in a public place.  Or it might be something greater that'll help me go viral -- like the flu.

Happy New Music Tuesday, y'all!

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