Sunday, February 13, 2011

Weekend ReCap

Thanks for joining us, I'm Keyrose and here's a list of the top Laredo stories this week:

On Monday, Mayor Raul Salinas asked the police chief to crack down on the people who scam the elderly out of their money.  One of the ideas thrown around was to raise awareness about scams.  Yeah, if anybody is going to scam the elderly out of their money it's going to be the local 8-liners.

Chendo Carranco addressed the city council about the old Mercy Hospital property.  He stepped up to the podium in socks.  We really shouldn't be surprised that somebody wears socks to a public meeting when he likes to be referred to by his nickname, Chendo.  That name is actually Latin for 'I just don't care anymore.'

Laredo Main Street was recognized by the National Main Street Conference in Des Moines, Iowa.  Most Laredoans are proud of our historic downtown area as well.  They'd enjoy it more if it wasn't for the trains blocking Laredo's Main Street area.

Buckey the mascot for our local hockey team stole the zamboni for a fundraiser event.  Unfortunately he wasn't able to get away.

And Laredo was named the least romantic town because of the limited number of romantic comedy DVDs rented.  The 100 men interviewed to comment on this designation were confused by the rating.  They also had never set foot inside a flower shop.

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