Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Webb County Antics Thread

Everything about the personnel rotations at the community centers that are in Rosaura Tijerina's district stinks to high heaven.
In response to a LareDOS open records request of Jan. 21, Tijerina’s aide Andrea Arellano said that the decision to make the rotations had the blessing of the Webb County attorney’s office, and that none of the employees had protested their rotations.

“Not so,” countered County Attorney Anna Laura Cavazos Ramirez. “We advised commissioner Tijerina on the matter. She refused to follow our advice, the Commissioners Court voted to support her measures, and now there is a conflict of interest. We cannot represent them in the matter of the grievances of Lira, Gribble, and Morales.”
So the commissioners have to deal with budget constraints, the C.A.A. fraud case, and grievances from community center employees.  Hello, 2011.  The tension between legal counsel and the commissioners court is just an added bonus. 
Ms. Tijerina's doings remind me of a story I read yesterday (President's Day) regarding George W. Bush.  His shortcomings were brought to bear and he was described as a competent incompetent.  In other words, he knew his decisions would lead to disaster and he made them anyway. 

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