Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Two Days After

The Super Bowl is slowly fading from our consciousness.  For me that's a good thing since my team, the Steelers, lost the game by a mere six points.  It would've been a valiant comeback if it wasn't for the little matter of the clock ticking out.  Nevertheless, my concerns don't amount to a whole hell of a lot.

For America's Team the past six months held a different set of circumstances.  They got to play in a brand new facility and got the nod to host the Superbowl.  That was some incentive for the Cowboys to reach the big game:  moral was high and it would've been so sweet for them to play in their own house.  Unfortunately it didn't work out that way.  The boys' quarterback was lost to injury and their hopes of making the playoffs diminished greatly. 

Fast forward to Super Bowl XLV and the problems mounted for Jerry Jones. 

First there was the issue of the weather.  It took a lot of people by surprise, none more so than the workers who had ice fall on them.  Next up was the seating, or lack thereof, that left many out in the cold.  LITERALLY!!!  And to put a finishing touch on all the festivities, part-time Thin Lizzy guitarist, Gary Moore, passed away Sunday morning.  It's custom around these parts to use the song "The Boys Are Back In Town" every time the NFL season starts.  Naturally local media is going to focus on the Cowboys and what better song to use than the 1976 Thin Lizzy classic.

Now, Gary Moore didn't actually play on the "Jailbreak" album but I'm including him here to put some sort of symbolic twist on this post.  Someway, somehow, bad luck has fallen upon anything Dallas.  Uncle Jerry, however, was pleased with the way the game came together and he hopes to host more Super Bowls in the future.

Time will tell.  For now, on new music Tuesday, we have Cut Copy.  Enjoy.

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