Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Too Dope Kicks And Klothing

At Saturday's big parade I came across the tdK crowd, which includes BMXers and skaters.  Being a fan of both genres since the 1980s, I naturally had to ask questions.  (Riders appear at the :20 mark in the video below.)

David from tdK spoke to me about last year's Urban Youth Festival held at Karma Lounge.  They had bikers, skaters, DJs, tricked-out cars, etc.  13,000 people attended the event, according to him.  With any luck, LaSanbe will check them out at this year's festivities which is scheduled for the 4th of July.

Check out one of their videos.  More can be had at their YouTube channel:  LostCityTV.

Of course I had to post a video that features my alma mater, La Martin.

CORRECTION:  Attendees at last year's July event was 1,300, not 13,000.

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