Monday, February 14, 2011

Special Monday

The City of Laredo attempted to crack down on curbside vendors this Valentine's Day gifts.  They warned the public that permits and zoning would be taken into account.  But I don't think people got the message because the parking lot of Super S on Clark Blvd. was packed with people selling stuffed animals and what not yesterday.

I don't know why people sell such big arrangements (basket with stuffed animal; candy, etc) by the side of the road when a little box of candy will do.  And dinner, of course.  And flowers and a fourteen stanza'd poem.  And a declaration of love for your sweetheart on Twitter, and Facebook.  Also, don't forget the 5x7 ad in your local paper.  A little love note on your spouse's dashboard.  Naturally, a late-night viewing of "The Notebook."  Foot massage.  Fine jewelry.  A slow dance with Josh Groban playing in the background, followed by a serenade with your newly-acquired guitar skills. 

Happy Valentine's Day!

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