Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Ladies And Gentlemen

...Your new C.A.A. Director, Juan Vargas.

Commissioners Court made it official and gave this gentleman more work.  So now Mr. Vargas will be overseeing the Dept. of Economic Development and the Community Action Agency. 

The antediluvian county employee is making out like a bandit as his salary will go up by $20,000.  And the county scored a win by not having to provide another person with health benefits or a reserved parking spot.  But I don't know if this is such a good idea.  Here we have a dept. (CAA) that wasn't closely monitored and as a result found itself under investigation for shelling out federal funds to undeserving people.  What does the county do? -- they appoint a person who will now be pulling double duty. 

LaSanbe wishes everyone involved luck.  Mr. Vargas might be the person to put everything in order, but we hope he has a better year than Christina Aguilera.  Break a leg, sir!

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