Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Cold Weather This Way Comes

City of Laredo Cold Weather Notice

In anticipation of the approaching cold-weather to Laredo, the City of Laredo is encouraging people who need to seek shelter from the weather to go to the two centers currently open, the Bethany House, located at 815 Hidalgo, (717-0882) or the Salvation Army, located at 408 Matamoros (723-2349). For requests for shelter, please call 3-1-1. The Laredo Civic Center, located at 2200 San Bernardo (794-1700) is on stand-by as an emergency shelter, if necessary.

Additionally, City of Laredo Public Works crews are on stand-by with trucks to distribute sand over any bridges that may become iced over. A list of bridges follows. Public Works will be working in partnership with Texas Department of Transportation crews to ensure motorists’ safety as they travel throughout Laredo streets.

(courtesy of City of Laredo)

The mayor was on the tube today advising citizens to remember the 3 Ps:  pets, pipes and plants.  Seriously, why would you include plants in that announcement?  I know that some people take extra care of their plants but I just don't think they belong in the discussion, all for the sake of alliteration. 

Que Fregados has an announcement up from UISD saying that school should continue as scheduled.

Our neighbors to the north are definitely bundling up, except.......

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