Friday, January 21, 2011

We've Gone From 11 To 1

At Tuesday's city council meeting, Councilman Charlie SanMiguel grilled Police Chief Maldonado about currently having only one police officer assigned to patrolling public parks when a past agreement called for eleven officers.

The councilman brought up the issue of MOUs (Memorandums of Understanding) and it went downhill from there.
Maldonado - What MOUs are you specifically referring to?
SanMiguel - Just any one; it doesn't matter which one (inaudible).
Maldonado -Some don't require resources, they require response; those are the MOUs so I need to know specifically, because again, I'm going to have to prioritize resources.
Chief Maldonado tried to explain how the police force has had to adapt to recent staffing shortages but Charlie SanMiguel offered his own two cents in a tone that was not lost on anyone.
I'm not surprised that we're experiencing this type of activity in the parks.  The presence is not there, so we need to just, I think that's a priority.  So will you just keep that in mind and whenever you're going to pull people off the streets or off parks (off) take that into consideration...
See the video until the end to enjoy the ten seconds of awkward silence.

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