Tuesday, January 4, 2011

They Do A Great Job

Now that all electioneering is over and done with, Mayor Raul Salinas is back with his weekly updates from Pro8news central.

Today he praised the police dept. for nabbing thieves in the downtown area.  Apparently downtown merchants have been dealing with a lot of theft in recent weeks.  Not to worry, local PD has your back.

But then the mayor expresses concern over the small number of citations issued for the public's use of fireworks this New Year's Eve.  Laredoans didn't get the fireworks ban memo, I suppose.  I'm happy to report that no incidents were reported near my house.  But in the mayor's vecinity, it's a little dicier. 
We had only ten citations for illegal fireworks.  Uh, you know, and that really is amazing because I can tell you, in my neighborhood, it is incredible.  It's just a castastrophe.....waiting to happen.
Ay, dios!!!!!

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