Tuesday, January 25, 2011

The Quimbys Among Us

We here at LaSanbe have been idly following the case of the Community Action Agency over at Webb County.  For those not up to speed with this fiasco, we have here a situation where federal funds were approved for people who didn't qualify for assistance.  That money was supposed to be used for weatherization projects for people with a special need.  Upon investigation it was discovered that contractors did shoddy work as well.  Commissioners Court fired the director of the C.A.A. and moved quickly to restore whatever resources they could.

Now comes the part of looking for a new director.  More than a dozen applicants submitted their names for consideration.  With the help of a three-member panel, or management team, the court whittled the number down to five finalists.  But as Maximiliano over at LaredoTejas has noted, commissioners court tried to delegate the hiring of a director to the panel made up of:  Cynthia Mares, Leo Flores, and Juan Vargas.  Staff objected to this.  Via the LMT (Andrew Kreighbaum)
But Flores said he would not participate at all if he could not review the qualifications of all 14 original applicants.
A former commissioner, Sergio Martinez, even stepped in to voice his displeasure with the proposed action at Monday's county meeting.
Now Sergio Martinez may not be one to defer to when it comes to etiquette but he may know a thing or two about county procedure.  However, things must be really bad for a former county commissioner to show his face in commissioners court after having his ass handed to him in the last election.  One thing's for sure:  local politics is never at a loss for controversy.  This would all be funny if the consequences weren't so serious.

As a blogger I can only thank those who have played a part in this whole drama.  Please keep the hits coming.  Seriously, who needs Jay Cutler's alleged weakness when we have a local grumbler urging commissioners to "man up."  Why Danny Valdez decided to punt on this, instead of directing commissioners court to pick a director, is beyond me.  As I see it, he and Mayor Raul Salinas have a lot in common:  they're waffling and easily manipulated.  But furthermore, Valdez is taking the role of Mayor Quimby to new heights by relying on a panel (committee) to do his work for him and distancing himself from his responsibility.  Unfortunately these are the elected officials we deserve.

A colleague recently mentioned that some earth-shattering news should be coming down the pike in regards to this case.  Whether it's indictments or something else, we'll have to wait and see.

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