Sunday, January 23, 2011

None Too Happy

Hilda Negrete wrote in to the LMT editorial page.


Writer laments state of city leadership before, after sexual harassment trial

Published: Sunday, January 23, 2011 3:54 AM CST
To the editor:

The intent behind this lawsuit was to bring awareness to city administration about the shortcomings in the city ordinance related to hostile work environment and also the insensitive manner in which the city manager’s office handles these complaints of sexual harassment.

There truly is no real meaning behind the language of the ordinance if it does not effectively protect the employees.

 I wanted to lend a voice to those city employees who are regularly harassed by their supervisor or director.

I wanted to prevent any more city employees from being discouraged from filing a complaint against their boss if they became victims of sexual harassment.

It is a shame that employees in a hostile work environment keep quiet due to fear of losing their jobs.

The city manager’s office and our elected officials do not step up to the plate in support of an employee when a legitimate grievance is made.

In my situation, I was cast off to another department and the perpetrator was allowed to remain in his position and got approval for out-of-town travel at the taxpayers’ expense.

From the beginning, the City of Laredo conveyed the wrong message to its employees and to its taxpayers.

The fact that the city secretary continues in his position is a clear message that the city manager and our elected officials condone this type of behavior, which the majority find deplorable.

This type of misconduct and harassment are reprehensible, and in my view, the individual should have resigned from his position.

I am extremely gratified by the decision handed down by the court.

I had excellent legal representation, and I would like to take this moment to thank the lawyers who took on my case.

Their collaborative approach was very effective in the preparation and presentation of my case at trial.

There was never any doubt that they had my best interest in mind.


Hilda Negrete

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