Friday, January 21, 2011

No Warnings

City Council held their meeting Tuesday because of the MLK holiday and it was a doozy.  Council talked about the problem of public consumption of alcohol at city parks.  City Manager Carlos Villarreal took a strong stance against this by urging police officials to hand out tickets instead of warnings to get the point across to the public.

Councilman Juan Narvaez agreed with the suggestion and provided a little saying:
Sobre aviso no hay engaño.
An in-law confirmed the saying with the word 'dicho' but I hear 'aviso' in the video.  My source also commented that a new show will soon premiere on channel 14 which will focus on old Mexican dichos, so LaSanbe will keep an eye out for that.

Check out the video so you can hear Mayor ProTem Johnny Rendon give his take on things while somebody (who shall remain nameless) loudly breathes into the microphone.  It's at the 1:00 mark.

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