Tuesday, January 4, 2011


There's this clip that I've heard on a radio station on occasion over the years.  I knew it was from a movie but I could never zero in on exactly where it came from.
You're not going to put Charlie Parker in with the Rock&Roll, would you?!
Today I found out that it's a scene from the movie "Diner."  All along I thought it was Bruce Willis in "Blind Date" or some other movie but the actor reciting that line is actually Daniel Stern.  Check it out as he obsesses over his record collection.

I like to think of myself as an audiophile but I wouldn't blow a gasket over misplaced records.  Anyway, the scene reminds me of how I preoccupy myself with music sometimes.  Perfect example:  my wife and I were talking about a comment a nephew recently made  -- how musicians today have no substance; they can barely play instruments and everything is auto-tuned.

As a music enthusiast I would disavow such a comment but in the back of my mind I know it's true to some extent.  Today's music is so disposable but it might just be that what we're being fed, on a mainstream level, is not where it's at, so to speak.  Let's take a listen to a song from a group that has stood the test of time, REM.  I pick this group partly because the lead singer celebrated a birthday today.  To most it's a deep track but the song is in high rotation in some circles.

On a sadder note, Gerry Rafferty passed away today.  He had a couple of hits back in the 70s and most probably don't remember him.  Nevertheless my wife broke the news to me this afternoon.  She knows me well enough to bring such events to my attention.  Rock on.

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