Monday, January 10, 2011


Today Bordertown Blues posted the story of a mother and daughter who were taken into custody for leaving their kids unattended at the mall.  The first thing that jumped out at me is that the writer included the address of the mall, 5300 San Dario, in the writeup.  Anybody who is going to pay this story any thought should know where the mall is located.  Anybody who knows anything about Laredo should know what mall we're talking about -- it's our only mall!!!  The mall is the center of all activity.  Sorry downtown. 

Placing the address on the story (in the LMT) makes the article longer.  We all need ground to cover, I guess.

The females charged with abandonment share the exact same name, Flora Alicia Diaz.  I don't know too many mothers who name their daughters after them.  I know it's expected to name a son after the father but I don't know that it's too common in the opposite sex.  Whatever the case, I don't like the practice; it's unoriginal, conceited and pretentious.  There are a ton of baby names from which to choose from and they have to go with the most familiar?  The fact that people are having babies should be enough to give them comfort that their legacy will live on.

In this case, the women made a really bad choice:  they left their children in the parking lot.  That's not much of a legacy to leave behind.  Suddenly the names Flora, Alicia, and Diaz are special, but not for the right reasons. 

I really don't get why fathers name their sons after them.  Frankly it's one step above peeing on something to mark your territory.  In today's world of identity theft, shouldn't people have names that will stand out from the rest?  It's a big enough world perhaps.  Even if you tried, there would probably be somebody out there who would choose the same name as you, and then Yanta Rin Mosely wouldn't be so original.

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