Thursday, January 20, 2011

Hockey Finally Catches On In Laredo

How can you tell that hockey has taken root in one of the hottest places on earth?  When brawls, heartfelt storylines and flying body fluids cross over into other sports and become the highlight in an otherwise plain sporting event.  Apparently a high school soccer game was quite the scene in Laredo yesterday.  Bordertown Blues has the scoop.  

This is all new to me.  Back when I was in school we didn't have soccer teams.  And the big rivalry that would provoke acts of retaliation was that of Martin and Nixon H.S.  Now we have scuffles between Martin and United?  We can't have this; My alma mater (Martin) might get a bad reputation.

Still, this new development makes things interesting.  It proves that local athletes have heart.  And that is the stuff of movies.  One could be made about this new rivalry, unless it's been done before.

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