Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Getting In On The Action

Mayor Raul Salinas was sworn in to his second term last night.  I don't know if this is custom, to have the mayor sworn in at such a late date, but everybody present made the most of it.  Henry Cuellar's went on to highlight personal campaign achievements and Les Norton inserted some mamadas humor by taking jabs at some people present at the event.

After the mayor delivered his rambling speech, it was his wife's turn.  Here she is thanking those involved with the campaign.  She even thanks canoneros.  I always had this image of canoneros being shifty individuals who were looking out for their own self interest but I guess to the Salinases they mean something else.

The video is a bit warped but Mrs. Salinas' speech was not affected.  It sounds choppy but that's just how she delivered it -- nervous.

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