Monday, January 17, 2011

From "Kicked Out" to Sidekick

The NFL playoffs are underway, and the final four teams have been determined. Who better to discuss these teams than Eric Mangini, the now former coach of the Cleveland Browns?

Mangini was recently the subject of an on-air gaffe on ESPN, the "worldwide leader in sports." To refresh your memory, Hannah Storm and Adam Schefter of ESPN announced the breaking news on "Black Monday" of Coach Mangini's firing. They apparently thought they were on a commercial break, and they started high-fiving each other and celebrating with someone behind the camera. They then had to uncomfortably compose themselves and apologize. Here's the clip:

Well now all of a sudden, ESPN has been using Mangini as an NFL analyst during the playoffs! What better way to show him how sorry they are for Hannah's and Adam's live TV blunder? The awkward apology/job offer probably went something like this:
"Coach, we're really sorry about all that nonsense the other day. But hey, since you're out of work, would you like to come over temporarily to give us some of your football expertise? They don't call you "Man-genius" for nothing Coach."

Real smooth ESPN: the eagerly sly patronizing negotiator?

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