Thursday, January 27, 2011

Back At Work

LaredoTejas posted the story of the UISD bus driver, Maria delosAngeles Cazares, who was suspended for accepting peach tree seedlings during her route last year.  Her attorney opines:
"This (case) is ridiculous.  It's a shame to take up all of this time to deal with something that is so stupid," he said, according to district records
A UISD counters:
Aranda said the disciplinary action had nothing to do with Cazares accepting a gift, but that she used a school bus to transport plants "as opposed to students."  He also argued that the plants could have affected students on the bus.
Ms. Cazares has her doubts:
Cazares wrote that she was being retaliated against for reporting misconduct and policy violations allegedly committed by other bus drivers and aides.
Rediscover Laredo, y'all.

(Story via the LMT - Nick Georgiou)

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