Thursday, January 13, 2011

Another Shoe Drops

FBI takes CAA files

Bureau has state permission to probe matter
By Andrew Kreighbaum
Laredo Morning Times
Published: Thursday, January 13, 2011 4:35 AM CST
Before the leadership team of the Webb County Community Action Agency could travel to Austin today, FBI officials made a trip themselves to the county courthouse.

The last time Webb County had to deal with files being carted off by law enforcement officials did not end well.  One tax assessor/collector, who shall remain nameless, spent three days in jail and the county had to pay out just under a million dollars to the plaintiffs.  This new case involves the illegal use of federal monies. 

The misuse of weatherization funds is not particular to Webb County.  The county's situation is different since several county employees benefitted from the grant money.  But what are the chances that these people are going to see jail time?  We'll have to wait and see as this whole fiasco unravels even more. 

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