Monday, January 10, 2011


Pro8news featured the story of a man who was struck in a hit and run and is now struggling with his medical care.  Take a look.

Hijole!  This man must be in some serious pain.  Those are some extensive wounds; Plain Tylenol is not going to do much for him.  It's unfortunate that this individual is in this predicament but what I find most troubling is that no mention was made of a referral to a local agency.  It could be that that piece of information was left out of the story or it could be that hospital personnel just didn't bother with follow-up care.  If they gave him the dressings to cover his wounds, they should've known that he could benefit from financial assistance.

Having to be hospitalized is stressful enough without having to worry about what comes after.  The sad fact is that there is no system in place to handle something like this.  This person is in need of a large amount of gauze, not to mention expensive medications, but here he is with his back covered with a large (bed) pad.  He could apply for assistance through a local entity but that takes time.  The expensive medications could be purchased in Nuevo Laredo at a reduced price but the security issue is deterring many from crossing over.

Here we are in a day and age where we should be more connected than ever and this man has to wait for Pro8news to bring attention to his problem.  I'm not suggesting that we solve his ills but we could at least try to buy him some time.

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