Tuesday, December 7, 2010

The Deficit Can Wait

President Obama has shown us that the Bush years weren't all that bad:  W's temporary tax cuts will live on for another two years, in exchange for unemployment benefits being reauthorized, that is if things go according to the GOP's plans and the administration's assistance.

Jobsanger chimes in on Obama's caving in to the republicans' tax-cuts-for-the-rich demands:
I hope the president doesn't think the voters will remember him as the one who gave them a small tax cut when the next election rolls around.   They won't.   The Republicans will get credit for that, and the president will just be remembered as the weak sister who gave in to the Republicans.
Obama has made it a point of alienating his progressive fans and now he's gone a step forward by putting his party in the awkward position of doing his dirty work for him.  Senator Bernie Sanders has vowed to filibuster any deal from going forward.  Whether house democrats put up a fight as well is still undetermined, even though reservations have been expressed.

What I intend to keep an eye out for is how our well-travelled leader, Henry Cuellar, goes forward with this.  He has voiced his preference for keeping all the Bush tax cuts in place.  He could vote with his party, thinking that Obama's deal will go nowhere.  Or he could side with the GOP and explain to his constituency that benefits across the board make more sense, not that anybody would be paying attention locally.  I'm putting my money on the latter.

We'll probably get a clearer picture of Cuellar's true stripes once the new (house) republican majority takes control.  Henry's bread and butter is bringing home the bacon.  He's going to have to stay in the majority's good graces if he expects to get anywhere.  We might see the darling of the Club for Growth make an encore appearance. 

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