Thursday, December 2, 2010

Love And Ammo

One local teen wants to lower the age at which a person can own a gun.  The person's justification for allowing such a measure is the fact that teenagers can sign up for military service.  Nice try, but quite frankly, I don't think teens should join the military at such a young age, much less own a gun.

I don't have anything against people owning guns; it's bullet ownership that scares me.  Another thing that sends a shiver up my spine is a jilted girlfriend that has a score to settle.  I know it may come as a surprise to all of you, but I've acted thoughtlessly with the ladies in the past.  Thankfully they weren't of age to own a gun.  And I seriously doubt they were gun enthusiasts to begin with. 

One such Laredoan wasn't so lucky.  He didn't follow the Keyrose credo:  don't hook up with girls that carry guns!!!  You may have heard this story several days ago where a female TAMIU officer got into an argument with her boyfriend.  Things escalated and she shot up a business that belonged to the boyfriend's family.  According to reports she delivered nine shots at the establishment.  Yes, nine times.  In her defense, she was drunk so she probably thought she was shooting at a giant menacing cat.

One newspaper writes that this whole event happened one day before her birthday.  Could it be that she learned that her boy toy hadn't made dinner plans for the following day?  Hmmm? I kinda dissappoint in the gifting department when birthdays and holidays come around, so that's why I hold the Keyrose policy (see above) so dear to my heart. 

This police officer went for broke:  she drove while drunk; she damaged private property; and she led police on a chase.  I don't want to use her case as rationale for denying anybody gun ownership.  But it certainly highlights the notion that some people should never handle guns.  If anything I'll be wise enough to steer clear of her.  And it would behoove all of you out there to take her wrath seriously. 


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