Wednesday, November 17, 2010

We're The Trash Guys

A local company that specializes in clearing properties of overgrown trees or other foliage has taken to advertising on t.v.  Simple enough, right?  Well, it would be if it wasn't for some awkward word placement.

The name of the company is "Sky High."  Not the best name for a tree service provider but it could be worse.  The point that comes into question, and that which makes this a blog-worthy post, is the fact that they spell out their phone number suffix.  You see, the last four numbers of their telephone number spells out R-E-N-T.  So you have the words SKY HIGH appear right over the word RENT.  That might be unintentional but I could see how it might drive some people away. 

Imagine you're watching t.v. and this ad comes on.  You see the overt subliminal message (is that possible?) and it gives you a jolt as you think of your bills and taxes.  Suddenly you want to forget the spot.  And the guys at Sky High are left wondering why nobody has called.

We don't need a local service provider telling us the rent is sky high.  We have doomed gubernatorial candidates for that.  We here at LaSanbe would like to file the ad under unfortunate.  We hope the people have better luck with their venture than they had with their commercial.

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