Monday, November 22, 2010

Oh The Bitterness

Tom Wade used to be Jay St. John's sidekick, eagerly echoing the local radio celebrity's demented reasoning.  When Jay left Laredo to take care of his ailing mother full-time, Tom took on the pontificating duties all on his own.  He stayed on at 1590 AM for a week and then it seemed like the show went off the air.  Thanks to Maximiliano at LaredoTejas I found out that Tom is doing his thing on 1090 AM (same radio outfit, different frequency).

This morning, Tom shared with us his disappointment with Ray LaHood's stance on driving and using a cell phone.  The U.S. Transportation Secretary sees cell phone use while driving as a distraction which leads to accidents on the road.  But Tom is unconvinced, citing non-existent statistics.
Where are the wrecks.  I just don't see 'em out there.  Where's all the accidents?
Perhaps he should look here.  Or here.

Tom brings up the counter argument of 'It's worth it if it saves one life,' but uses that same rationale in trying to discredit LaHood's proposal.  His idea for a safer driving public?
You're only going to go 25 miles an hour.
Tom thinks that we would never agree to a lower speed limit even if the benefit was worthwhile.  With that conclusion he thinks that the cell phone plan becomes moot.  However he misses the point of the secretary's proposal by shoring up his ridiculous analogy.  Speed limits and distracted driving cannot be argued in the same way.

According to Tom, "inherent risk" exists.  He wants us to believe that all bets are off once we decide to get behind the wheel of a car.  But driving and using a cell phone are two things that should not go together, and I know that because a driving test doesn't include the driver dialing up a friend while on the course.

There are some risks associated with driving.  Minimizing some that are within our control should be taken seriously.  I wouldn't expect that from a reactionary radio employee.  It's definitely above his pay grade.

Listen to the rant below.


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