Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Incumbents Thank Jesus And Their Supporters

There were no real upsets in the local races.  The only one that was upset was me because the elections office managed to have one more muck-up on their red carpet night.  This time it was one of the paper ballot counters that gave out.  That slowed the process of counting the early votes.  Nevertheless we got an idea of who is in the lead and who took some races outright. 

Javier Mendoza didn't even come close to being in the runoff for District 6.  Always a competitor, never a contender.
I'm surprised that Cuellar-Castillo got the most votes.  Of course, her name and connections helped her cause but I thought that she ran a rather bland campaign.  I think I've seen more vitality from wallflowers.
And Hector (I will not call him "Tito") Garcia will now call the LISD board room his home.  Yes, the man cleavage and greasy smile will relocate a few blocks west of city hall.

But the big race of the night has to be the mayor's race.  Our cute and cuddly incumbent leads with a comfortable margin.  He's going on to a runoff but he must be feeling pretty good with his 47% early vote showing.  Mayor Salinas.  Still, a man in this race for mayor.

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