Monday, November 22, 2010

Holiday Week Thread

District 3 city council candidate, Alejandro Perez Jr., didn't show up for the Public Access Channel debate.  He's obviously trying to capitalize on the no-show strategy that's been utilized by Frank Sciaraffa and Rick Perry.  We'll know in 19 days if his gamble pays off.

Hey, if John Boehner wants to cry over policy debates, who am I do deny or denigrate him?  Grown men also cry. (pause) also...cry.

LMT Business Columnist, A.B. Barrera, on Laredo's negative portrayal by the media:
We must take every proactive approach to change it and generate that message across all media outlets:  billboards, newspapers, magazines, television, radio, internet-based social media and film - consistently and accurately.

Visit Laredo. It's not St. Louis!  There, I did my part.

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