Saturday, November 27, 2010

Holding A Race

If you organize a race, always remember to have more restroom facilities for men than for women. It's an inequality thing. I can't go into it right now.

If a line forms at the female portapotty, don't attempt to rectify the situation. It's their fault they loaded up on fluids before the race. Women!

Maintain order at the event. Have security keep a watchful eye on all participants. Law enforcement has to always be vigilant.

Competitors must wear appropriate clothing for the race. If garments are too distracting for the event, by all means, feel free to disqualify anybody. We can't have any nuts doing as they please. After all, Guajolote is Latin for serious business.

You want to put on an organized event. Make sure you make plans for anything going awry. I can't stress the importance of Plan B.

Details are everything. You want to run a tight ship to make an impression on people.

You can't leave anything to chance. Make sure people are where they're supposed to be. Set boundaries.

Take control of the situation. You can't let confusion overwhelm things. This should be a top notch event. Approach it like a winner!

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