Saturday, November 20, 2010


Watching the local KGNS newscast can be a trip.  It's often that you find misspelled words, audio that doesn't match the video, names that don't belong to the person who's being interviewed, etc, etc.  But my favorite feature has to be when lead anchor Tim Gutierrez emphasizes Spanish words. 

Tim takes every precaution to make sure that all the Rs are rolled to the max and stretches out the text for added effect.  It makes me wonder if the teleprompter text is actually italicized.

Last night in talking about a play taking place at the Center for the Arts, he not only emphasizes the name of the production but exaggerates it as well.  The speech is so over the top that it sounds like it was overdubbed.  Take a look, and listen, at his pronunciation of "La Mala Onda de Johnny Rivera."  It's bound to rock your Chicano socks off.


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