Wednesday, November 10, 2010


El Manana reports that city officials are accepting proposals for facilities to be built at the World Trade Bridge.  Local higher ups are looking at the bridge crossing off of Mines Rd. to handle dangerous chemicals.  Currently only the Columbia Bridge is able to process sensitive shipments.

City Manager Carlos Villarreal said that the city will look for the company that can offer the best price for the project.  Uh, this is not something you would want to skimp on, right?

I wish the city luck and I really hope they do a good job.  I say this because my sister-in-law recently moved into the area.  Seriously, you can see the light fixtures of the bridge from her house.  My visits will be few and far between. 

UPDATE: July 3, 2019

I found this clipping online recently, when Newspapers dot com had free access to its site.

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