Thursday, October 21, 2010

We WILL Get To Fiesta Texas

We've been looking for other ways to raise money to fund an end-of-the-year trip at my son's school.  Our last fundraising effort really took a lot of work. 

This time we've taken to collecting aluminum cans and plastic bottles.  My son has really been eager to see this through.  These last several days we've gotten on our bikes and headed out to the Slaughter Park and the tennis courts on Market St.  It's amazing the amount of bottles we've found at these sites and along the way.

This is our first batch (approx. 10+ pounds), which we intend to recycle tomorrow after school.  The Chacon neighborhood is a little bit cleaner and hopefully this will pan out for the 4th and 5th grade classes of Daiches Elementary.  If we get a decent return tomorrow, we'll get the whole school involved.  Wish us luck.

UPDATE:  (10-24-10)  We sold the bottles, 15 pounds worth, at a business on Santa Maria Ave., right across from the truck stop. 

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