Thursday, October 14, 2010

The Debate On 8

The mayoral candidates graced the KGNS studios with their presence tonight.  One issue that was brought up was that of scantily-clad girls working at Laredo beer runs.  The question focused on what the mayor can do to curtail such activity.

Mayor Salinas mentioned working with TABC and doing whatever possible to protect the citizens of Laredo.  Jose Valdez asked whether the law allows such public displays and said that the issue has been visited once by city council.  He added that certain limitations could be put in place.  Gene Belmares brought up the idea of instituting an ordinance.

James Newland and Juan Ramirez gave some more colorful answers to the question.  Mr. Newland questioned people's concern when movies are filled with women wearing very little.  And Mr. Ramirez suggested the ladies wear pants.  Take a look.

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