Thursday, October 7, 2010


Apparently Gene Belmares is the frontrunner in the race for mayor.


LAREDO – If the Mayoral election were to be held today, the likely winner would be Councilman Gene Belmares, according to a poll recently conducted by South Texas research firm Victory Data.
The poll sample included more than 300 likely voters in Laredo elections and measured the job approval/disapproval ratings of several Mayoral candidates, along with several election scenarios involving matchups between the three leading candidates – Councilman Belmares, Councilman Joe Valdez, Jr., and Mayor Raul Salinas.
In area of job approval, Salinas received a rating of 55%, but 29% said they disapproved of the job he’s done as Mayor.  Councilman Valdez fared less favorably, scoring a job approval rating of 33% compared to a disapproval rating of 34%.  Councilman Belmares received a job approval rating of 65% with only 17% disapproval.
In the first preference measurement of all five candidates, Belmares led with 34% of the vote, Salinas was second at 31%, Valdez third at 6%, Councilman Juan Ramirez fourth with 2% and James Newland fifth with 1% of likely voters responding.  Twenty-eight percent of those polled said they were undecided.
In a runoff scenario, Belmares’s lead over both Salinas and Valdez grew substantially.
Victory Data.  Really?

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