Monday, October 18, 2010

Que What?!

Early voting started today, and with that, candidates have taken to delivering their message through all media outlets available with a sense of urgency.  This morning, Manuel Arechiga, candidate for city council District 6, appeared on the St. John radio hour to state his platform.  During the interview, Mr. Arechiga recounted the harrassment he had to endure after he made some controversial comments about local officials.  To his dismay law enforcement officials were unable to help even after somebody allegedly 'pointed a gun at him.'

What I found disturbing was the word he used to describe the people who allegedly arrived at his place of work to assail him: "mojaditos."  This coming from an educated man.  I know that he doesn't like to mince words but for him to use such a derogatory term is regrettable.  Here we have a man who is vying for office, vying for a position where diplomacy is warranted, and makes a stupid remark like that.

I really don't know what he stood to gain from his choice of words.  But I guess it all makes sense judging from his past scathing remarks.  The Laredo Times released its endorsements today and Mr. Arechiga was not picked for District 6.  For once I agree with them. 

(I wanted to post the interview with this thread but it's not available yet.)

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